One thing about me: I've always loved love. I'm a sucker for a good romance novel with a predictable ending. I watch the same tv shows over and over because I fall in love with the characters. I cry at nearly every wedding I get to witness. And there's nothing more that I want than to document your unique love story for future generations to see.

This is me.

Nice to meet you!

Ashlyn was the BEST! She made me comfortable and feel at ease while taking pictures from engagement sesh, to bridals, and to the big day!!! Ashlyn got pictures back to us quickly and had so many stunning photos to look through. Ashlyn was effective and efficient in each photo session. My husband and I are so thankful to have had her for our wedding and the events leading up to it. We feel like we’ve made such a special connection and would highly recommend her to any friends and family. Book with AGP!!!

"We feel like we’ve made such a special connection"

dallas, tx

Hannah Goodwin

Let's capture one of your most important memories in a way you'd want your children and grandchildren to experience it many years from now.

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